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Preventive Maintenance

Regular cleaning and tuning of your heating and air conditioning system will save you money, make your equipment last longer, and is required by all brand manufacturers to maintain any warranty you may have. We offer a very thorough semi-annual system checkup at a considerably low price.


Safety plays a big role in our semi-annual system clean and check. All furnaces have built in safety devices. Those safeties need to be checked. All furnace and air conditioning manufacturers recommend a preventative maintenance check every 6 months. Our one-year service contract is $150 per year for your first system and only $25 for each additional unit.

What You Get for Your Money

Each contract provides for each system covered:

Fall - A heating system clean and check, which includes but is not limited to

Spring - A cooling system clean and check, which includes but is not limited to

These tests are to help reduce the chance of breakdowns during the operating season. This is a service contract, not an insurance policy, but in the case of a failure, service contract customers receive one service call per contract FREE OF CHARGE. Not one service call per system, but one service call per contract. Also, any parts and labor for repairs on equipment not under warranty will be charged at regular price MINUS 10% for service contract customers.

So for $150, you get 2 visits with services listed above, one service call if you need it, 10% off of parts and labor on non-warranty repairs, lower utility cost, extended life of your equipment, and a safer environment for you and your family.

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